How the Process Works

Creating Incredible Customized Light Shows

0-3 Days

First Contact where you describe the desired project

3 - 20 Days

We work with you to create your vision, as long as that takes.

20 - 30 Days

You decide a time and place, we apply for all necessary permits & approvals.

30-45 days

We host a demo of the light show on our private field.

45+ Days

We execute the planned flight.

Design & Develop

Get Inspired by our example flights and then work with our 3D software experts & engineers to create your own! The sky is the limit (literally.)

Friendly & Supportive

Dedicated Project Managers on call with rapid response rates to help you with questions or whatever last minute changes you can think of.

All in One Package

Turn-key solution provides everything you will need in order to provide the best entertainment, from a covid-friendly distance, with minimal noise disturbance - even in high density areas.

Olympic Games Drone Show

Proven Metrics

Studies done by MLS & NAR show that Aerial Photography and Videography increasing engagement, time , and clicks per thousand impressions.

  • 75% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a realtor who uses drones
  • Yet, only 9% actually trust Drone Companies to create their listings.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Insured, Licensed, and Compliant with all regulations, we fly anywhere in Canada.

Creative Marketing

Content formatted for all Social Media Accounts, Websites, or Print Campaigns, using drones and being creative.

We build Custom Solutions

We can provide training and consult on larger projects , training staff and overseeing projects.

ROI always will be +

One study showed a 403% increase in traffic for one website in posts that had aerial imagery vs those without.