Autonomous Drones are the Future

Pictured right is a Skydio drone. They are slightly bigger than a dinner plate.

What Autonomy Means:

Autonomous drones in its simplest terms means that the drones fly themselves. This means no extensive training required to be certified as a drone operator is needed. When the tests are as hard as getting an actual Pilots License, this comes as a relief.

Livestreaming, Data Management, & Analysis

Access to information has been one of the biggest issues that Police Officers & Firefighters have told us about, and having a bird's eye view without the expensive costs of a helicopter, and deployed instantly when needed has been a demanded feature. In addition to livestreaming to encrypted iPads on the scene, the 4k footage is streamed to whoever else is on the network, enabling for multiple qualified opinions, resulting in better situational control, all from across the country.

"In a critical sector where collaboration is key, “starting small, considering co-funding opportunities, and investing in drone management software,” are timely pieces of advice from Sergeant Rees."

is definitively one of the most essential but costly steps - autonomous drones eliminates the need for extensive training.

Drones have contributed to a predicted 20% reduction in helicopter calls – an estimated saving of approximately £250,000 on previous year spend.

Having "Informed Decisions" through the use of the drones benefits Incident Commanders, who traditionally rely on helicopters and radio communications.

Additional Details: 

As an Autonomous Drone, all that is needed is to familiarize yourself with the user interface on the included iPads. Launching is as simple as hitting a button. No stress or worry, the drone will automatically orbit the designated location pre-filled by yourself or dispatch.

This data is stored on encrypted Microsoft Azure Servers and can be accessed at any time. In addition, basic ML (Machine Learning) & Computer Vision models can analyze the incoming footage in almost real-time to determine things such as Fire Growth Rate & trajectory prediction, temperature, Persons of Interest, Weapons in Hand, and more. The potential applications are vast.
Example of Placement on Large Police Cruiser.

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