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In today’s highly competitive business world, companies now find themselves searching for new and unique marketing strategies. Luckily for any business, advances in technology make marketing much more manageable. Drones are a perfect example of this; a technology able to enhance and promote any type of business. Here are 5 important reasons detailing why your business should implement drones in its marketing mix.

1. Drones can increase online traffic

An MLS and NAR study has shown that drone videography has significantly increased online activity towards online listings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many realtors have resorted to using drones to film residential and commercial properties. This allows potential buyers to view real estate online, helping realtors to continue to sell properties. This is an extremely important aspect of real estate agent’s and brokers’ marketing strategies in today’s uncertain times. With many people preferring to stay home, online traffic for real estate listings has skyrocketed, thanks to the images and videos captured by drones, and the online promotion of these properties.

2. Drones can create content for all aspects of marketing

All businesses know that any compelling marketing mix includes price, promotion, placement, and product. Drones are relatively low in marketing costs, high in potential outreach for promotion, offer unique angles in placement, and can take beautiful shots to display a company’s product. Many companies do not think outside the box and use typical ads, videos, and marketing strategies to push their products. Having any competitive edge is important, and drones can do just that.

3. Drones take high quality photos and videos

If you spend $1500 on a DJI drone, you can get all you need in order to take 4K 60fps videos, 20 megapixel photos, and autonomous shots which are so smooth and cinematic, it makes those who watch it gasp. There are also drones like the Matrice Series by DJI which can hold the Red Dragon 8k VV camera system (this costs around $75,000). One important thing to note is that DJI holds over 75% of the GLOBAL drone market share. They are so far above everyone else it is difficult to wrap your head around it. However, at the time of writing this, Skydio has just released a new autonomous drone which I believe will be a good contender to DJI, but moving away from specific brands, these drones are providing DSLR level quality packed in a small size, and more importantly, small price.

4. Drones offer a unique perspective

When taking photos or shooting videos for marketing purposes, businesses would benefit from the unique perspective that drones offer. Drone technology can permit pilots and photographers to establish shots and use FPV (very fast flying, small drones) with very little limitations or restrictions. For experienced pilots, flying drones is very easy, and filming can be done just about anywhere where it is legally allowed.

5. Drones can help your business stand out

Drones offer a less traditional approach to marketing. Innovation is vital in making sure that your business is standing out in such highly competitive markets. Therefore, the use of drones can give your business a competitive advantage and leg up on the rest of its industry. Drones provide valuable marketing material, giving establishing shots, content, and can help showcase your business, property, or product. This in turn generates ROI through additional business.

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