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From planning fleets to photography, we do it all to help your business get the benefits of drones, without all the hassle of insurance, regulation and training.
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We've been trusted by some of the biggest companies.

“Working with the Hover team has been an absolute pleasure. Cameron and his team are true professionals and offer that magical combination of guidance and flexibility that’s required to do things the right way.  Every time we have worked with Hover, they have gone above and beyond. Not only will we continue to use Hover moving forward, but we are recommending them to all of our colleagues and associates. They have truly played in part in our growth and success.”

Amit Kumaria - Freedom Boat Club

“Hover worked diligently in capturing exceptional footage, which we now use for our website. Cameron, the Owner of Hover was professional in understanding what our goals were. He not only assisted in expanding the goal with attention to detail and a creative approach. He was prompt with responses and getting the edits we needed. We would highly recommend Hover for any drone footage needs."

Alex Splinter - Braeburry Properties

"We’ve used Hover's services on a virtual tour project and I could not be cheerfuller than that! Cameron is really a charming guy. He showed up on time and dedicated his time to get the most decent results. It was a remarkable experience and we would absolutely retain his service again."

Soheil HS - GetGuide

Proven Metrics

Studies done by MLS & NAR show that Aerial Photography and Videography increasing engagement, time , and clicks per thousand impressions.

  • 75% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a realtor who uses drones
  • Yet, only 9% actually trust Drone Companies to create their listings.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Insured, Licensed, and Compliant with all regulations, we fly anywhere in Canada.

Creative Marketing

Content formatted for all Social Media Accounts, Websites, or Print Campaigns, using drones and being creative.

We build Custom Solutions

We can provide training and consult on larger projects , training staff and overseeing projects.

ROI always will be +

One study showed a 403% increase in traffic for one website in posts that had aerial imagery vs those without.

Latest News

March 30, 2021
5 Reasons to Implement Drones in Your Company’s Marketing Mix

Marketing is crucial for any business, so taking advantage of any existing tools to enhance your company's ability to stand out is very important. We focus on 5 major reasons to implement drones into your marketing mix.

March 30, 2021
Drones: Increasing Security, Data Collection, and Accountability for Police Officers

We covered the Ottawa Black Lives Matter Protest in Ottawa, Ontario, which saw thousands come to the streets showing support for this movement. We were lucky enough to be hired by CTV to provide coverage of the event, allowing for a bird's eye view of the crowd, visually seeing the change people want to see.

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